Thanks for your support to our company. From now on, we are launching a member integrating system to do better customer service.

Reward Point:

At this stage, all our customer can start cumulating your reward points by ordering dress. The rule is simple : 1 points for 1 USD purchase!

Please be reminded that reward points will be given only after member's first purchase. After awarding,the awarded score shall be deducted from the cumulative score

1.What’s the Reward Point?

Reward Point equals to the total amount of your orders:

2. How to gain Reward Points?

The more you order, the more Points gained, here’s our rules:

Total Amount(USD)TimesOrder Amounts(USD)Final Points
$0-$2000 1.00 1500 1500*1
$2001-$8000 1.05 3000 3000*1.05
$8001-$15000 1.10 10000 10000*1.10
$15001-$30000 1.20 20000 20000*1.20
>$30000 1.30 31000 31000*1.30

3. How to use it?

Use your Reward points to exchange goods below for free